Values are not just words
They are what we live by
They’re about the cause that we champion
Stand for what’s right
Even if that means standing alone
Never compromise your standards and values.


We at The Imperial School, Adampur are aware that in today’s  fast paced competitive world seems to have compromised on his values and integrity .There is an urgent need reintroduce based education dealing with human values to specifically redesign the fabric of our education system.

A child’s mind is like soft clay and be moulded to any desired shape. Thus, this is the right time impart value education so that the right impression format in the child’s mind will guide throughout his life. Such life will definitely be based on moral and just principals. The Imperial School, Adampur provides a common platform for all children coming from various backgrounds. Interactive and learning environment of the school, human values are easily evoked in him by make him “experience” and “live” the values.

Our teachers present themselves as role models to be emulated. Children learn more by observation perception, experience and intuition. They assimilate the codes of behavior from  The Imperial School, Adampur Environment at home and at school which themselves as role models, whom the children can look For guidance.


To be effective role models “self realization” is the key for it brings about an internal balance ,

Harmony, which will is reflected externally in the right conduct, character and personality development. Whole hearted co-operation is sought to make values an integral part of our education system so that our children stride towards a successful future.



With best wishes,


Jagdish Lal